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Why Choose Conner and Associates?

Expertise, Professionalism, Flexibility

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    • We adhere to the scholar-practitioner model for professional therapists,emphasizing scientifically-informed, empathic treatment.
    • We value evidence-based treatment strategies balanced with understanding you and your unique needs as an individual.
    • We value continuing education and lifelong learning as professional therapists.
    - Expertise
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    • We value your privacy and confidentiality in everything we do.
    • We adhere to the highest ethical standards of our profession.
    • Our record-keeping processes utilize only HIPAA compliant measures, reflecting our adherence to the the highest legal and ethical standards.
    - Professionalism
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    • We recognize the need to maximize your financial resources, and so have chosen to be in-network for a number of insurance companies.
    • We offer daytime, evening and Saturday hours to accommodate your busy schedule.
    • We offer online scheduling and automatic appointment reminders.
    - Flexibility

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